Law and Statutes


The Red Cross in Cyprus began to operate in 1950 (when the island was a British Colony) as a branch of the British Red Cross. After the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS) was established as a body corporate pursuant to Law 39 of 1967 and was recognised as a Voluntary Aid Society auxiliary to the public authorities for humanitarian purposes.

The Cyprus Red Cross Society Law 39 of 1967


A law to establish the Cyprus Red Cross Society




After the adoption of the law, the rules of the CRCS were introduced, which were revised many times until 25 January 2012, when the General Assembly approved of the new CRCS Statutes. The General Assembly of the CRCS at its extraordinary session on 14 September 2022 approved the revised CRCS Statutes.


The Cyprus Red Cross Society Statutes


CRCS Statutes approved by the General Assembly