Organizational Structure



The General Assembly (G.A.) holds the highest position of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (C.R.C.S.) which is, among others, the policy setting body. The G.A which represents the C.R.C.S., is made up of the members of the council, the presidents of the Branches and the Youth section and the chosen representatives of each branch in the General Assembly. The policy of the G.A. is implemented by the council, which is chosen by the G.A and has all the power and responsibility for the management and implementation of the objectives.

The Council, which consists of the President and the Vice-Presidents of the C.R.C.S., the members that are chosen by the General Assembly and the Presidents and Treasurers of the Branches and the Youth section. The Council appoints the treasurer, the director and the necessary staff and instructs the Executive Committee, regarding the daily management and control of the affairs and fortune of the Organisation.

In an endeavor to achieve maximum decentralization, the C.R.C.S. operates Branches in all the cities of Cyprus whereas the Youth Section, organized on an island-wide scale, gives the chance to all youths, who believe in and adopt the principles and objectives of the Red Cross, to become active and make a contribution.



The organizational structure of the C.R.C. is completed by the functioning of the various permanent and temporary Committees and Subcommittees, that handle a variety of specialized issues with the collaboration of the Officers and Staff, who are appointed by the Council along with the members and volunteers, to ensure the operational efficiency of the Society. 






Ms. Papadopoulou Fotini, President
Ms. Koursoumba Leda, First Vice President
Ms. Imge Emete, Second Vice President
Mr. Foradaris George, Treasurer
Mr. Agrotou-Iacovidou Maria, Member
Ms. Artemis Andreas, Member
Ms. Erotokritos Amalia, Member
Ms. Papadopoulou Despina, Member
Mr. Giasemides Anastasis, Member

General Assembly Meeting: 1 December 2022