Nicosia Branch

Nicosia Branch

The Nicosia Branch  consists one of the Subsidiary Units of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS). As part of its humanitarian mission, it has organised over the years numerous activities with the aim of alleviating human pain and dealing with emergency situations at times of war or peace, supporting and helping vulnerable fellow citizens without discrimination who belong to all sections of the Cyprus population.


Heading the Nicosia Branch from the post of President were in line of succession the following: Lito Severis, Yannakis Christofides, his wife Marvel Christofides, Zenon Severis, Nicos Severis, Fotini Papadopoulou (now President of the C.R.C.S.), Ioanna Loizidou, Loria Markides and Marina Demades.


The story of the Nicosia Branch runs parallel with that of the C.R.C.S. From 1950 to 1974, it offered constant help and support to people facing financial or social difficulties. In 1974, during and after the Turkish invasion, the volunteers of the Nicosia Branch provided comfort and support to the victims of the invasion, the refugees, and those enclaved or taken prisoners. The volunteers worked unselfishly long hours to help set up the refugee settlements, provide food to those displaced from their homes, to cater for the needs of those enclaved and to treat the wounded. Also, in cooperation with the ICRC, the UNHCR and the Cyprus government, it helped in the tracing of missing persons and the release of prisoners. It was also involved in the transfer of Turkish Cypriots to the Turkish-held north of the island.


With the ''green line'' traversing our capital city, the Nicosia Branch has been working since 1974 to try to lessen the consequences of the Turkish invasion and to be present at all aspects of life in the town and district of Nicosia.


Among other activities, it has been promoting voluntary blood donations at schools, colleges and universities in the Nicosia area. It also responds promptly to any crisis situations and emergencies offering humanitarian aid. When an earthquake hit Paphos in 1995, our volunteers assisted the Civil Defence Force in offering emergency supplies to those stricken by the quake.


In 2006, the Nicosia Branch, in cooperation with other C.R.C.S. Branches and the Youth Section, contributed towards meeting the needs of some 65.000 foreign nationals who fled Lebanon on their way to their home countries. Together with the Civil Defence Force and government services, it provided food and other essentials to these people.


The Nicosia Branch was also present ready to offer any humanitarian aid to people affected by the huge fires at Saittas on the Troodos mountains. At the same time in 2007 it sent other humanitarian assistance to needy people forced to leave their homes as a result of the big fires in the Peloponnese, Greece.


Today, as Cyprus faces an unprecedented economic crisis, the Nicosia Branch is vigorously engaged in providing foodstuffs, clothing, shoes, baby food, toys and other essential items to needy people as well as offering emotional support to vulnerable sections of the population; the elderly, those sick, people with disabilities, homeless persons, and migrants displaced from their homes.


It provides financial assistance for the upkeep of the C.R.C.S. Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti which is the main activity of the Society.


Other constant and continual activities of the Nicosia Branch are visits to hospitals, institutions and homes for the elderly by groups of volunteers who offer aid in kind but also psychological support, entertainment, excursions etc.


The Branch has formed committees manned by volunteers to carry out these activities. Numerous charity events and the annual door to door fund raising campaign, help to provide the Branch with the required financial means. Responding to ICRC appeals, it also organizes collections so as to enable the dispatch of humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters in many parts of the world and also the carrying out of big projects undertaken by the C.R.C.S. in various countries.