Famagusta Branch

Famagusta Branch

The Famagusta Branch consists one of the Subsidiary Units of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS) which began operation in Ammochostos with President Evaggelia Gavriilidou and Vice-President Ntina Tsimon.




It developed a rich charitable base originally in the city and province of Ammochostos and later on after its displacement in 1974, it was reconstituted in Larnaca where it continued its charitable activities helping thousands of refugees and disadvantaged people psychologically and materialistically.


Today, the Ammochostos Red Cross has 350 members and volunteers, who continue to offer humanitarian help to refugees from Ammochostos and to other people who are in need of help and live in the Free Province of Ammochostos.


Amongst its many activities are the following:

  • Monthly visits to refugees in need and to the disadvantaged in Larnaca and Free Province Ammochostos.
  • Financial help to students in need so that they can afford their university fees.
  • Cover the necessary expenditures for speech therapy and physiotherapy for children with special needs and other fellow people who face health issues.
  • Regular visits to the elderly, sick, disabled at care homes and special schools for children with special needs in Larnaca and free province Ammochostos. Clothes, footwear and other goods are provided. Visits to public nurseries at Christmas and gifts are given to the children.
  • Give out wheelchairs to people who need them.
  • Send sums of money and first aid items to countries abroad when earthquakes, floods and fires occur and respond to the appeals of the IFRC.
  • Contribute to the maintenance and operation of the C.R.C.S’s Children’s Therapy Center Stella Soulioti.