First Aid

First Aid

First Aid Training Courses 

The Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS) is a registered supplier of First Aid training courses at the work place, approved by the Labour Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of the Cyprus Republic.



The courses offered are those mentioned in the Safety and Health at Work (First Aid) Regulations of 2009 and are the following:

  • First Aid at Work (18 hours) and
  • First Aid at Work--Emergency Aid (6 hours)


In addition, the Cyprus Red Cross Society offer the following training:

  • Automated External Defibrilator - 6 hours


The courses are conducted by qualified instructors of the CRCS who have been trained by the British, the Hellenic and Norwegian Red Cross with which they cooperate.


The courses are provided mainly at the Head Offices of the CRCS in Nicosia or at locations indicated by interested groups, on dates and at times arranged after consultations.


Special packages (that include content and cost) are offered to companies or organisations that wish to train their staff.


People who attend the CRCS courses can feel certain that they receive comprehensive training and at the same contribute to the realisation of the multifaceted humanitarian work of the Red Cross, since all net proceeds from the training courses go towards the promotion of its mission.



For further information please contact the Headquarters of the Cyprus Red Cross Society on telephone 22-504400, Fax 22-666956 or by E-mail [email protected] 


Participation form 

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