Youth Section

The Youth Section consists one of the Subsidiary Units of the Cyprus Red Cross Society (C.R.C.S.). It is the link that unites the CRCS Youth Section with the Red Cross people all over the world, bringing out the dynamism of humanity for the promotion of health, the cultivation of international friendship, the relief of human pain and suffering, irrespective of race, religion or nationality, in the name of Service to fellow human beings and Volunteering.



In Cyprus, the Youth Section was formed by the Executive Committee of the C.R.C.S. in November 1973. Every Red Cross youth adopts and applies the seven fundamental principles that form the backbone of the Red Cross; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. The Youth Section is present at refugee settlements, among those suffering, the enclaved people, the young and old, the children of the C.R.CS. Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti (formerly C.R.C.S. Home for Sick Children) and any other place where there is need. They endure the present difficulties but hope and work with strong will for a better tomorrow in Cyprus and the world at large.


The Youth Section is an integral part of the C.R.C.S.. Its Central Committee is made up of its president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and five members as well as the presidents of the district committees. It is the top body of the Youth Section.


The general aims of the C.R.C.S. Youth Section are:


• Protecting health and life

• Helping people in need, without confines or discrimination

• Promoting social solidarity

• Protecting and improving the environment

• Promoting the spirit of understanding and friendship among young people in various countries


The Red Cross youths can participate in a number of activities:


• Identifying people in need

• Visiting ailing people and the C.R.C.S. Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti  (former  C.R.C.S. Home for Sick Children)

• Participating in campaigns for the improvement, maintenance and protection of the environment

• Taking part in excursions, camping expeditions and artistic performances

• Acquiring basic knowledge of firefighting, rescue and first aid services

• Blood donations


In the event of hostilities, the members of the C.R.C.S. Youth Section offer their services according to particular needs with the sole aim of alleviating human suffering, thus realizing the concept of SERVICE to fellow human beings.


Applications for membership may be made by children, boys or girls up to the age of 45, pupils of elementary or secondary schools, students or working people, by completing the membership forms.

In the case of a Group (school, youth centres, or educational training centres) a contact person is appointed (teacher or social officer) to liaise between the group and the District Committee.


We extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to all those who stand by the side of the Youth Section and offer every help and cooperation.