CRCS Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti

CRCS Children Therapy Centre Stella Soulioti

 (former Home for Sick Children)



The CRCS Children Therapy Centre 'Stella Soulioti' (former CRCS Home for Sick Children) was founded in 1957 in Kyrenia to treat sick and disabled children. After operating from a series of temporary addresses, the Home established a permanent base in Kyrenia and was home to staff and children from all the communities of Cyprus.


Post - 1974 Operations

The fallout resulting from the 1974 invasion made it necessary to build a new Home in Polemidia. With funding of the U.N High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the new Home commenced operations in 1980, complete with all necessary facilities. The Home also offered boarding facilities until 1994, but now only provides day care only.


Cyprus Red Cross Society Children Therapy Center 'Stella Soulioti'

With the decision of the CRCS Council, on 13 December 2012, the Home for Sick Children was re-named to Cyprus Red Cross Society Children Therapy Center 'Stella Soulioti', in memory of the unforgettable former CRCS President, Stella Soulioti, who not only pioneered its founding, but generously supported its operation with her unlimited care and love until her death. 


Services Offered

The Centre, the only one of its kind in Cyprus, treats more than 100 children aged up to 22 years old that live with severe physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other physical and developmental problems. In addition to medical and nursing care, the Centre offers physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, hippotherapy, music therapy and psychological sessions; it also provides mobility solutions for the children’s comfort. Close attention is paid to creating a family atmosphere, the children’s entertainment, facilitating their social integration and generally making the best possible effort to give them a better life. The services offered by the Centre are constantly upgraded. A specialist Pediatrician supervises the general healthcare, cooperating closely with the Ministry of Health and foreign specialists. Dedicated therapy personnel and a fully comprehensive set of equipment provide healthcare and therapeutic treatment of the highest standard.





In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Centre operates a special school for children of school age, offering special education, therapy, psychological support and more. It also works closely with the Ministry of Health and the Limassol General Hospital to provide orthopedic, neurological and other treatments on a regular and ad hoc basis. The Centre has collaborated with St James' University Hospital in Leeds since 1988 to provide Botulinum Toxin treatment to children with cerebral palsy. Since this successful introduction of the treatment, Botulinum Toxin is now also offered to children in State hospitals. Partnerships are continually being developed with many other bodies, such as government agencies, schools and other institutions for children with disabilities, parents, the British Sovereign bases (who offer ippotherapy programmes), foreign organizations, European programmes (for staff training), charities and other voluntary organizations.


Operational Costs

The Centre is largely supported by the love and care of the staff and members of the Cyprus Red Cross Society who cover the majority of its financial obligations. The Cyprus Government covers approximately 30% of running costs and the remaining amount is supported by events, fundraisers and voluntary services from ever-willing members of the public.


Renovation of the building 

During March 2011 – July 2013, a renovation of the Center's building took place, which was funded by a sponsored renovation scheme. The opening ceremony of the new renovated building was celebrated by the President of the Republic of Cyprus H.E. Mr. Nikos Anastasiades on 5th July 2013.




Contact details 

Cyprus Red Cross Society Children Therapy Centre 'Stella Soulioti'

P.O. Box 55263, 3820 Limassol

Tel.:  (+357) 25334024, Fax: (+357) 25333466

Email: [email protected]