Road Safety

Road Safety

The fact that Cyprus has a high number of deaths from road accidents for its population size compared to other countries of the European Union, and the fact that the majority of deaths from road accidents are faced by those aged up to 25 years, drove the Cyprus Red Cross Society (C.R.C.S.) to enlarge its active sectors and to create the sector of Road Safety. The prevention of road accidents is high up on the C.R.C.S’s priorities. It submitted an application regarding this initiative and in 2009 it became a member of the European Road Safety Charter.

The C.R.C.S. began educational campaigns, which were particularly aimed at children aged between 6-17 years and young adults aged up to 25 years as well as adults of an older age. Bearing in mind the four main reasons that cause road accidents, including alcohol, increased speed, the non-use of seat belts and the non-use of safety helmets, it adapted its activities as part of an effort to inform inhabitants and promote the adoption of road safety awareness and a better attitude whilst driving.

From 2006, the C.R.C.S., along with the other 26 Red Cross member states of the European Union began to organize its annual work, adopting the slogan “You’ve only got one life! Take care”, which is the slogan used by all European countries.



Regarding this campaign, the C.R.C.S., along with others, held the following activities:

  • Distributed posters with the slogan of the campaign to school and public places
  • Distributed coloring books, picture books as well as pledge cards to children in Primary Schools
  • Printed and distributed 60,000 copies of a 5-page leaflet in three languages (English, Greek, Turkish) with instructions on how to avoid road accidents
  • Distributed CDs, which had educational material uploaded onto them, to schools 
  • Organised informative campaigns to educate people about the meaning of the slogan of the campaign
  • Distributed printed material, t-shirts, stickers with the slogan of the campaign printed onto them
  • Organised informative campaigns with 6 cars that were ceded by the company TOYOTA, which had the slogan of the campaign inscribed on them "YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE! TAKE CARE OF IT"
  • Distributed 6,000 road safety reflectors to students
  • Hosted conferences in Cyprus with the European Road Safety coordinators 
  • Held a Pancyprian Children’s Drawing Competition based on the theme of Road Safety. 98 Primary Schools took part in this
  • On the 11th May 2013, Global Mother’s Day, children from all the Primary Schools in Cyprus gave coasters to their parents with the slogan of the campaign inscribed on to it as well as with the inscription "Mother, father, drive carefully, I want you to come back home tonight"
  • Distributed 30,000 computer mouse pads to students, school children, soldiers and others, with the slogan of the campaign inscribed on to them
  • Distributed a Road Safety leaflet for children aged between 7-11 years to all the Primary Schools in Europe. Besides the instructions printed inside, pages of worksheets are also enclosed, which have been translated into every language
  • Distributed 25,000 plastic cases for car movement permits with the slogan of the campaign inscribed onto them 
  • The 2009 desktop calendar was dedicated to Road Safety
  • Made and distributed 4,000 first aid boxes to drivers with the collaboration of the Traffic Department and Police Force of Cyprus
  • Offers First Aid lessons regularly 
  • Prepares, prints and distributes posters for the World First Aid Day (on the 2nd Saturday of September each year)
  • Prepares, prints and distributes posters for the International World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Accidents (every 3rd Sunday of November each year)
  • Produced and distributed 10,000 alcohol breathalyzers  
  • Produced and distributed a car perfume with the slogan “Wear your seatbelt. Respect the speed limit”

Evaluating the needs of our country, the C.R.C.S. continues to monitor and work for the ameliorating of the various problems which the country faces in terms of Road Safety, which is an issue which will continue to remain high on the C.R.C.S’s priorities.


21 September 2016 European Day Without A Road Death

Cyprus Red Cross Society has signed the pledge!