Restoring Family Links Services

Restoring Family Links Services

The Cyprus Red Cross Society (C.R.C.S.), as a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, provides international people tracing services and distributes messages which, as an aim, wish to restore and maintain links and reconnect family members and relatives which have separated due to warring conflicts, natural and other disasters.

These services, and in any other instance where help from the Red Cross is needed, are provided by the worldwide network of 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies and by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The process of the above services requires the filling in of a special form where all the available information of the sought-after person is recorded, as well as of the seeker. This information is then sent to the Red Cross of the country which the person is sought-after in, for investigation.

For more information, those interested can contact the Headquarters Offices of the C.R.C.S. in Nicosia or with one of the Branches in any town. 


Restoring Family Links website: 



About  is a website run by the ICRC and members of the International Federation of the Red Cross. It allows people looking for their families to upload a photo of themselves to increase the chances of being recognized. The only information published is their photo and the nature of the family link to their missing relative, all other information, like name and location, will be kept confidential.